The Wild Wild Wet Show

I Believe In Fairies Productions is proud to announce our newest roaming extravaganza, The Wild Wild Wet Show!

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Inspired by owner Animal X’s travels out West in a hundred-degree heat wave, The Wild Wild Wet Show is the most fun you’ll have cooling down at fairs and festivals across the country this summer. Don’t worry about sitting in a splash zone – we bring the water to you! An enchanted spin on the Wild Wild West theme, our roaming acts include wonders Buffalo Bill himself never would have dreamed of. See the wild (sea)horses roam, and prepare to be amazed by spectacular special appearances from mermaids, sea serpents, and pirates, oh my!

Step under the ever-raining umbrella if you dare – you just might get rained on underneath it! – or for a milder mist, see the rainbow faerie make beautiful colors appear out of thin air. Be sure to meet the singing mermaid as she rides through your event on your choice of a sea turtle or seahorse, introducing patrons to her puppet friends, including a magical octopus. We’ll be introducing new acts all the time, so even if you’ve seen the show before, you’ll never see the same show twice. If it’s music, magic, and mayhem you’re in the market for, then be on the lookout for pirates to create quite a splash in The Wild Wild Wet Show lineup soon!

The Wild Wild Wet Show is a one-of-a-kind roaming wet show, sure to delight audiences of all ages. The Wild Wild Wet Show offers something for everyone in the family, with our unique blend of magic, whimsy, and I Believe In Fairies Productions’ signature family-friendly comedy. You determine the water thrills, from mild to wild – we’ll never get patrons wet who aren’t looking to cool down with us, but for those who are, we’ll bring the underwater fun right to you! And as always, our roaming shows provide a spectacular photo opportunity unlike any other you’ll find all summer long!

Don’t miss out on your chance to bring a little enchanted magic to your next event – call us at (412) 242-8837 or email to today to ensure your event is one of the first to experience The Wild Wild Wet Show!