The Snail Slideshow

We are proud to announce our newest I Believe In Fairies roaming show, the Snail Sideshow!


Have you ever seen a stupendous singing snail? Prepare to be astounded as The Snail Sideshow roams the grounds of your event, entertaining patrons in true vaudeville style with music, magic, and I Believe In Fairies Productions’ signature brand of family-friendly comedy!

Our performer will roam the grounds of your event in full Victorian attire with a twist – a gorgeous  intricate snail shell upon their back. As always, be prepared for unexpected magical twists every time the snail stops to interact with patrons! The Snail Sideshow plays off the idea of breaking the fourth wall of fair performing – patrons can be a part of making the magic happen in a number of unique ways unlike any other show. Don’t just listen to the music; let the snail help you create and play your very own on its hurdy-gurdy. You’ll meet all-new interactive puppet friends, and you might just get the chance to be the puppeteer for some of them yourself!

Featuring minimal technical requirements for maximum amazement, The Snail Sideshow is perfect for navigating smaller spaces that our other roaming acts might not be able to accommodate. Audiences of all ages will be charmed by the snail’s jokes, magic tricks, and interactive activities. And as with all I Believe In Fairies shows, The Snail Sideshow makes for a spectacular photo opportunity unlike any other you’ll experience!

Don’t miss out on your chance to bring a little enchanted magic to your next event – call (412) 242-8837 or email us at to book your performance of The Snail Sideshow today!