The Enchanted Wagon

All aboard the Enchanted Wagon!

Accompanied by a beautiful faerie princess, a giant enchanted turtle will roam your event, carrying her gypsy wagon on her back. This popular interactive strolling act has a puppet driver and is accompanied by a beautiful faerie. The puppeteer inside controls the movement of the turtle, the driver, and all of the imaginative creatures that appear. Perfect for all seasons and venues, the Enchanted Wagon is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages at your next event.


As the Enchanted Wagon moves about the fair, patrons will be drawn in by the colorful displays and fantastical characters. When the turtle stops, the fun really begins! Doors and curtains open for patrons to play with and explore various interactive features such as kaleidoscopes, bells, and a faerie tale picture gallery. Children can pop some magic bubbles, fall under the spell of the faerie dust, and check out the peep show until the turtle wakes up and moves to another spot along its route!

The activities on the Enchanted Wagon include: kaleidoscopes, faerie bubbles, a squirting flower, hidden images in the turtle shell, a magic faerie dust sprinkler, a working chimney with a fantastical surprise, a magic mirror, a ringing bell, and a faerie tale picture gallery. Available puppets for the wagon include an ugly duckling, a swan, a baby unicorn, a farmer’s wife and children, a dragon, a kitten, a hedgehog, and a sea serpent. The features of the Enchanted Wagon can be tailor-made to meet the needs of your event, including special seasonal activities for holiday events.

I Believe In Fairies Productions shows have been performed for over two decades and have been featured at venues such as Disney World, Six Flags, state and county fairs, and renaissance festivals across the United States and Canada.

For booking information, please email us at or call our office at (412) 242-8837.