What shows do you offer?

For more information on our current show packages, click here.

Why should I book an I Believe In Fairies show for my event?

When you book with I Believe In Fairies Productions, you will receive personal attention from a nationally-acclaimed family business that has been performing for over two decades. We take pride in providing top-quality entertainment for all ages backed by friendly, reliable, and prompt customer service. We can provide many references from state and county fairs, music festivals, and schools we have performed with in the past, as many of our clients book us year after year for their events. In two decades of business, our touring troupes have never missed or cancelled a show or contract for any reason. We also have the ability to be very accommodating with scheduling as we have the ability to put three troupes for each show on the road at the same time. We are also very willing to discuss customization options for our shows to best meet your event’s needs.

Where have I Believe In Fairies shows performed in the past?

Our shows have appeared at Disney World, Six Flags, state and county fairs, and renaissance festivals across the United States and Canada. For a complete list of past I Believe In Fairies Productions appearances, click here.

What are the technical requirements for an I Believe In Fairies show?

We are very accommodating with regard to technical requirements for our shows.

We can perform our full stage productions on indoor or outdoor stages, in any weather conditions as long as they are not severe enough to drive crowds away or endanger our performers. If you have a raised stage, we will need ramp access (preferably at two points, for entrance and exit) for audience participation purposes. For outdoor shows, we can provide a small portable stage and curtains upon request for an additional fee. Our technical requirements for the show are minimal. We prefer to use your in-house sound and lighting systems; however, we have wireless mics and an outdoor sound system we can provide. If necessary, our actors are trained to perform without mics.

For our roaming shows, our puppets can travel on any surface within reason, as long as the path is smooth enough for our puppeteer to safely navigate from inside the turtle. Our Enchanted Wagon measures approximately 8’x6’x9′, so it will need appropriate clearance space if it needs to travel indoors or through entryways at any point. Please keep speedbumps and obstructions on the path to a minimum. If you would like the Enchanted Wagon to travel up onto a level that is not ramped, that can be accomplished with sufficient manpower.

For more specific information on technical requirements, view our technical rider here.

What accommodations need to be provided for performers?

Our company is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If your event is within a comfortable day trip’s distance (this may vary depending on the start and end times of your event), no accommodations need to be provided for our performers. If your event is beyond a comfortable day trip’s distance or spans multiple performance days, accommodations and travel expenses for our performers will be discussed on a case-by-case basis upon contract signing.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Either call or email us with a description of what you would like and we will create you a personalized pair of wings. All custom orders have a $10 additional fee.

How much does a pair of wings cost?

Our wings range between $29 for a small pair and $85 for a large pair, depending on what style you are looking for. Contact us for information and quotes for specific orders.

How large is a pair of wings?

It depends on the size. A small pair is generally a foot across, a medium two feet, and a large three feet. Contact us if you have more specific sizing concerns.

How do I place an order?

Any way you like! We accept orders via phone, mail, email, or in person. Email us at ibelieveindragons@gmail.com or call us at (412) 242-8837 if you have any further questions.

How long does it take to receive a pair of wings?

7-10 days for in stock items, 3-4 weeks for custom items. Please allow time for shipping: we offer next day, second day, and 3-4 day shipping options.

Do you ship overseas?

We do! Unfortunately, we cannot process international orders through PayPal. Contact us directly to determine additional shipping costs and delivery time.

What do I do if the wings I received aren’t what I wanted?

You can return wings unworn within five days for a full refund or exchange. Please contact us for more specific details on our return policy.

How do I wear/take care of my new wings?

It’s easy! Our wings strap on like a backpack, and are built to last if treated properly.

Help, my wings are broken! What can I do?

Send them back to us and we will fix them. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products.


I have a question that isn’t included on this page. What should I do?

If you have additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at ibelieveindragons@gmail.com or call us at (412) 242-8837. All inquiries made during regular business hours will normally be answered within 24 hours.