Faerie Friday: Can You Guess The Funny Flower?

January 30, 2015 in announcements, blog posts, faerie fridays

It’s that time again – we’re back with all-new Faerie Fridays for 2015!

Our faeries have just returned from the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs convention and trade show, and in spite of all the cold and snow, we’re in full bloom to kick off our 2015 season! Since everyone knows faeries are the flower experts of the magical realm, we’ve prepared a special quiz in honor of the 2015 Pennsylvania fairs theme “Harvest the Fun.” You’ve heard of roses and daffodils – but how many of these unusual and funny plants can you name?

Fairy Flowers from A to Z

Click on the image above to test your flower knowledge against our faeries – see if you can tell your sneezeworts from your goosefeet, and be on the lookout for our baby dragon’s favorite plant (hint: it just might share his name)!