Faerie Fridays: Snag Our Sparkle For Yourself!

July 25, 2014 in announcements, blog posts, faerie fridays

As everyone knows, a fashion-forward faerie wants their skin to look its best. Trolls may savor the slime, and gremlins may appreciate a good green scaly look, but faeries of the wing persuasion will want to look their sparkly best (although not so sparkly as to be confused with those shiny vampires!).

If a human wishes to replicate our faerie look, the best choice is ultra-fine glitter with tons of iridescents. I Believe In Fairies Productions is now able to supply that need, as we are sharing our stock of medical-grade faerie dust for humans!


Our glitter is non-toxic and of the sort that is used to make higher grade cosmetics. Drug store cosmetics may sometimes fool you by looking like the higher grade, but often feel rough when you touch them, which indicates they should not be applied near your eyes. The medical grade will not hurt you if it gets in your eyes, mouth, or technology. It is safe to use on animals, and so it won’t scratch anything. It does have a tendency to cling to everything – that is, your phone might get covered in it, but it won’t scratch the lens.


The recommended method for applying faerie dust for a fabulous shiny look (which can be used also to replicate vampires, though I don’t think anyone is fooling anyone into thinking they’re Edward Cullen) is the following:

1. Apply sunscreen or moisturizer to your skin.

2. Use a big fluffy makeup brush (such as a powder brush) and dip it into the glitter. Then, fluff it all over your face, arms, bellybutton or even toes. It will give you an all-over sheen that will last all day. It’s faery fabulous!


If you don’t have moisturizer or sunscreen, you can skip right to step two – this also lasts for hours, although not quite as long, but it won’t protect you from sunburn. When you do not have a proper makeup brush available, you can get a very good application by placing some in the palm of a hand and having it blown on you.


We are currently only stocking iridescent white dust with a bluish-purple shine. If it is applied to dark surfaces such as skin or hair, it will shine more blue to purple than it does on light surfaces.

Our iridescent white glitter sells for $3 per ounce or $10 for ¼ pound, plus shipping calculated by location. For extra sparkle, inquire with us about larger orders! Contact us at ibelieveindragons@gmail.com for more information, or purchase it from our Etsy store here!