Tuesday Tales: Land of the Prairie Puppies, Buffalo Babies, and OMG! Teeny-Weeny Wild Horsies!

July 22, 2014 in blog posts, tuesday tales

We just got back from performing at the Upper Missouri Valley Fair in Williston, North Dakota – a huge shoutout to everyone who helped make the fair a great one for us!

     2014-06-29 17.07.27

Whenever I’m in the ND area, I spend as much time as I can in the Badlands, also known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park. And what do you know – springtime is time for cute baby animals! In one day, I saw so many different types of babies I thought I would die of cute overload! While the tiny prairie puppies were adorable, the most unusual creature I saw was a gorgeous magnificent bug. She had beautiful wings on top of a green iridescent body, was quite large, and shone blue like a firefly. The bugs were all over the flowers on top of the mountains in the middle of the badlands. I’ve searched the internet for more information about this mysterious creature – while it appears to be some sort of flower beetle, I actually think it was just a fairy in disguise!

2014-06-24 12.36.33

When I came into the south unit, we went to the campground, and as usual, I put my bed roll out in the meadow so I could see the stars. My traveling faerie companion for the trip went to sleep in our touring van. Soon I started hearing a strange heavy breathing noise. I say to myself – oh no! Someone in a tent near us isn’t being very discreet about what they’re getting up to tonight! But soon a clomping noise added to the racket, and it became obvious to me – there must be teenagers in the campground causing mischief. I rose up on one elbow and turned around to give those kids a piece of my mind – and instead found myself face-to-face with a buffalo! I froze.  He froze – just ten feet away from me! We were staring at each other with the same stunned expression on our face!

2014-06-23 18.28.27

Once the buffalo had continued clomping down the road, I managed to stage-whisper “Buffalo!!” to my faerie companion. She scrambled fast for her glasses, but sadly missed it all. In the morning, though, I heard her stage-whisper “Horses!!” I pulled the covers off my head and saw wild horses grazing about me. It was a beautiful sight!