Faerie Friday: A Very Special Surprise!

June 27, 2014 in blog posts, faerie fridays

Anima has consulted with her fae friends and decided to share their wisdom with the interwebs on Fridays. Stay tuned weekly for creativity with a touch of enchantment!

Our faeries are officially off on the road for their summer touring season! If you’ve seen us at the Upper Missouri Valley Fair this week, you know we have a few very special new surprises aboard the Enchanted Wagon. This week, we’ve consulted with our faerie friends to show you how to make one of them at home!

Miniature Enchanted Wagon Gift Box

We’ll be selling our miniature Enchanted Wagon gift boxes (with a secret special surprise inside!) all summer at venues near you, but we’re making our box template available to you here as well! The box assembles in just a few easy steps and makes a great craft project for the entire family!

Click here to download and print the template!

We print our boxes on 8.5×11″ semi-gloss cardstock, but if you don’t have cardstock, you can use any equivalent 8.5×11″ paper. For the project, you’ll need:

  • A printed box template
  • Scissors
  • Glue (hot glue works best, but Elmer’s glue will also work depending on the paper)
  • An exacto knife or other cutting blade (make sure the grownups do this step!)
  • String (optional)
  • Hole puncher (optional)

First, print and cut the box template out, making sure to cut along all the flap edges (including separating the four bottom flaps).

Next – make sure a grownup does this step! – have a grownup use an exacto knife or other small cutting blade to cut one small slit directly underneath the “See The Monkey” sign and one right at the inner edge of the side flap on the right-hand side – these will be where you tuck the two tabs in to assemble the wagon. Also, if you’d like to use the box as a small gift box, use the blade to cut open three sides of the “Welcome” door, so that the door can open and close freely.

(If you don’t have an exacto knife or aren’t comfortable using a small blade around children, you can always just cut off the small tabs and use extra glue instead! Don’t worry about cutting the wagon door open – the box makes a great ornament as well!)

Now, fold the box along every fold! Make sure to fold the four sides of the wagon, the two sides of the roof, the four bottom flaps and small tab, the side flap and tab, and all six of the small top flaps. Make sure all your folds go inward, so the box can be assembled with the colored side out.

Start your assembly by folding the four bottom flaps inward and securing each to the last with glue as you do. Make sure the largest white flap is the first layer folded in, then the two smaller white flaps, and finally the red flap. Once you have all your flaps folded in and glued, tuck the small white tab into the slit you made below the “See The Monkey” sign. (You may need to fold the sides of the tab in a little to get the tab through the slit, depending on how big of a cut you made.) Once the tab is tucked in, secure it to the inside wall with a dot of glue.

Now, do the same and tuck the small side tab into the slit you’ve made on the opposite flap, and secure with a dot of glue to the inside wall as well.

If you’d like to make your box an ornament for hanging, use a small hole puncher or the tip of your scissors to poke through the small black circles on the top roof flaps. String a piece of string through both holes and tie at the top. (The string will hang loosely between the open roof flaps for now, but will be secured when you close the roof.)

Be sure to close one side of the roof at a time for easiest assembly! Put a small line of glue on the flaps above the triangular wagon sides, and fold one roof side down so that it secures to those flaps. Be sure to tuck the large top roof flaps (where you punched your holes for your string) into the slit between the flaps above the triangular wagon sides. Now fold and secure the other roof side in the same way (and make sure to pull the string up if you used some)!

Make sure to let your glue dry – if you used hot glue, it will dry in a few seconds, but other kinds of glue will need a minute or two to dry between every step. Once your glue is dry, enjoy your miniature Enchanted Wagon! You can hang your ornament anywhere you like, or if you’re using it as a gift box, open the wagon door and fill it with small trinkets – we recommend things like candy or jewelry that won’t weigh too much, depending on your paper strength. You can even use it as a small house for baby faeries – if you can catch one, that is!