Faerie Fridays: Fabulous Faux Faerie Lashes

June 6, 2014 in blog posts, faerie fridays

Anima has consulted with her fae friends and decided to share their wisdom with the interwebs on Fridays. Stay tuned weekly for creativity with a touch of enchantment!

Fabulous Faux Faerie Lashes

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One of the things we faeries are known for are our huge, beautiful eyes. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, so naturally, all humans want to replicate our distinct eye look, specifically our distinct eyelashes.

Let’s get the unfortunate truth out of the way first: sadly, no amount of mascara will make you look like one of us. If you want to best replicate the faerie look, you will have to work with false eyelashes. Here are some of our favorite methods and ideas to faerie-fy your human false eyelashes:

While you could always buy fancy costume eyelashes at Halloween supply stores, most of these are very poorly made or uncomfortable to wear, not to mention overpriced (again, so we are told by your human standards – of course the fae don’t need money, as we have magic wands!). You’re more likely to have luck altering your own. Start by going to your local beauty supply store and choosing the biggest inexpensive lashes you can find.

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Part One: Changing The Color

If you’re going to paint your lashes, do this step first. Metallic paints are excellent for this; don’t bother with glitter paints, though. Take a brush and brush on the paint as if you were applying mascara. Don’t forget to brush on both sides of the lashes! Holding the lashes on your fingers can be more helpful than using the plastic container they come in, as the flexibility of your skin will allow you to separate out the lashes better. Although clumping doesn’t tend to be as much of a problem as one might expect, if you do have this problem, make sure that your paint isn’t too thick and you’re applying in the natural direction (lash line to tip). Water it down if necessary, and use more than one coat. While the paint is still wet, you can use an old mascara brush or toothpick to separate any lashes that are sticking together.

You can also use the paint to style the lashes, like you would with hair gel. For instance, making your lashes spiky in places will show that you’re a tough faerie. If you’d like an accented look rather than an overall coat, you can just skim the edges of the eyelashes with color.

If you don’t want a painted look, another way to change the lash color is to brush on a fine-powdered eyeshadow pigment or super-ultra-fine grade faerie dust replacement after you’ve made all your other enhancements. You can do this when the lashes are wet or dry.

Here’s an easy tutorial to help you learn how to apply false eyelashes – you can find many others with more specific techniques on Youtube as well!

Part Two: Trimming

Use sharp scissors to trim your eyelashes. Instead of making your lashes all one length, trim them so that they’re shorter toward the inside of your eye and longer toward the outside. This will make the longer end lashes appear even longer as an optical illusion.

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Experiment with cuts: you can take a fluffy pair of eyelashes and cut them to make them spikier, or cut two pairs and then combine them to create a new pair.

Part Three: Decorating

2013-12-18 17.28.40

Peacock feathers make great eyelash decorations!

Attach your decorations with a flexible glue. If you use eyelash adhesive, you don’t have to worry about it irritating your eyes, but once you take the eyelashes off, they may separate apart (remember that faerie eyelashes can be used more than once with proper care!). Use tweezers or chopsticks to help place your materials.

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Try to use as little glue as possible, keeping it at the lash line. If you use feathers, you can curl them and prevent them from sticking straight out by using your fingernails to crimp them in a few places. Additionally, when wearing huge eyelashes, you can put a dot of adhesive on the ends of the longest part of the last and attach the edges just above your eyes to keep your long lashes raised and extended.

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Be inventive when figuring out materials to extend your eyelashes into a faerie fantasy! Feathers, lace, tinsel, cat whiskers…

2014-03-24 15.28.07

…well, on second thought, don’t actually go plucking your cat for this project!