Faerie Friday: Faerie Fashion on Parade!

March 13, 2015 in announcements, blog posts, faerie fridays

Our faeries are decked out in their finest for this Faerie Friday! Check out some of our favorite selfies and snapshots over the years, from faeries young and old (and a few furry friends) alike!

26757_1333741578488_1079506734_1042471_8090633_nTwo of our Florida Renaissance Faire fairies compare outfits, with the Enchanted Wagon looking on. The outfits were designed by Star.

179273_10150091516623684_771963683_6132909_2551481_n The seasonal and elemental fairies at the second year of the Miami Renaissance Faire pose with friends. Kelly is Lady Spring, Anima is the Summer Fairy, and Winter is represented by Jet. Costumes and wings were designed by Anima.

Random Faeries 013 Jason wears luna moth wings in the forest by the Swanee River.

P1010858 The seasonal fairies tell stories at Florida Renaissance Faire in Deer Beach, Florida. Fairy outfits designed by Anima.

fairydog Fenris is wearing one of Anima’s winter crowns. He is three-quarters wolf and very confused!

fairycat Greymaulkin the kitten wearing custom made Kitty Hawk wings by Anima, at Streetsboro Renaissance Faire in the Enchanted Forest.


Lindsay in her own outfit design (with our wings) poses by the lake at Deerfield Beach.

Untitled-2A pair of beautiful wings and crown by Anima.

DSCF3818Anima loaned her costumes to the beautiful children of the organizers of the Piedmont Family Fun Fest in North Carolina.

P1150019 Freya playing the piano in Pittsburgh. She has now grown up to perform full-time with us in many roles, including the baby dragon.

Untitled-1This beautiful portrait of a baby fairy was sent to us by a children’s photographer some years back. If you know her name, let us know!

180506_499662367838_648697838_6086915_879502_n Do you have a faerie selfie to share? Share it with us on Facebook or send it to us at ibelieveindragons@gmail.com, and you might be featured on one of our upcoming Faerie Friday blogs!

Travel Tuesday: The Case of the Missing Faerie Wings

March 10, 2015 in announcements, blog posts, tuesday tales

Last spring, our faeries made a stop for a tire change in Hope, Arkansas en route to the Poteet Strawbery Festival in Poteet, TX. While we were there, we were able to snap this great picture of former president Bill Clinton’s childhood home. Note the progression of images in the photo – a historical marker for the Trail of Tears in the foreground, followed by a sign proclaiming a Tea Party meeting, then Clinton’s childhood home, and finally, a train running on the train tracks, which the locals frequently joked that he lived “on the wrong side of”! Our faeries had quite a laugh at this microcosm of America all in one photograph!

2014-04-02 15.50.15

We weren’t laughing for long, though, as we realized that four huge pairs of our faerie wings had been left by the side of the road there when we changed the tire! All of our faeries assumed another one of our troupe had packed them, and it wasn’t until we arrived in Poteet that we realized our mistake!

Our faeries called the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Department, but the sheriff told us that, unfortunately, there has been a big storm the night before and they most likely would have been blown away. He sent a deputy out to check, who found two pairs of them still by the side of the road! We were able to stop by and pick up the wayward wings on our way home, but just where the other two pairs flew off to is still a mystery – we must have forgotten they were enchanted and could fly off on their own! If you’re ever in the Hope, AK area, always keep your eyes to the sky – those missing glittering faerie wings could still be flying high up above you!

Travel Tuesday: Cloudy With A Chance Of Fairies!

March 3, 2015 in announcements, blog posts, tuesday tales

Our fairies are always looking toward the sky while we’re out on the road (in order to check the weather conditions for flying, of course!), which means we’ve gained an appreciation for beautiful and interesting cloud formations over the years. While we were in Cambridge, Minnesota last July performing at the Isanti County Fair, we managed to snap a few photos of a gorgeous lenticular cloud that had settled over the fairgrounds.

2014-07-26 20.39.15

2014-07-26 20.46.13

In sharing our photos with other performers and fair employees, we found out we weren’t the only ones with our eyes on the skies – photos of the massive cloud were even featured by the National Weather Service!

Travel Tuesday: Swing the Night Away!

February 24, 2015 in announcements, blog posts, tuesday tales

It may still be below freezing here at the Faerie Factory, but we’re already in preparation mode to head out on the road for our summer 2015 touring season! This Travel Tuesday, we’re throwing back to our 2013 season and taking a look back at one of our favorite finds on the road, courtesy of the Scotts Bluff County Fair!

We see a lot of fascinating fair memorabilia while we’re out on the road, but it’s rare that the exhibit comes right to our dressing room! Our fairies found these wonderful vintage posters stashed away in the corner of our break space between performances at the Scotts Bluff Fair, and we couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. While we’re not sure on the exact dates of all of these appearances, we believe most of the posters date back to the 1930s and 1940s.

Click on each thumbnail above to see the full image!